WED 1.7.1rc2 dichiarata final

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WED 1.7.1rc2 dichiarata final

Messaggioda F-14D » 18/08/2018, 11:27

Ciao a tutti,
la versione 1.7.1rc2 di WED e' stata dichiarata final, e' possibile scaricarla qui.
Sul forum non ho trovato accenni sulle varie release notes riguardo la 1.7.1 per cui le incollo qui (se ci sono e non le ho trovate chiedo scusa):

WED 1.7.1 r2 8/1/18
- Fixed bug when splitting facades

WED 1.7.1 r1 7/17/18
- WED-1054: Fix multi-property edits (ALT-click) not working with new line/light GUI selection
- Fix issue creating malformed polygon after merging two open facades

WED 1.7.1 b2 7/13/18
- WED-1052: Fix "New" button hanging under windows
- WED-1040: Fix crash when validating un-parseable runway names under Windows

WED 1.7.1 b1
Bug Fixes:
- WED-1018: Make validation for at least one run/sealane, heliport specific to airport type
- fix typo in CCW wound polygon error text
- WED-1024: Prevent some nodes turning into Bezier nodes after Marquee tool rotations under OSX
- WED-1032: Raise non-modal windows at re-activation to foreground (Windows, Lin/OSX do that already)
- WED-1000: Fix window deactivation issue on Linux
- WED-1036: Keep "Upgrade Ramps" from altering ramp start OpsType if such is already set
- Fix preview panel display for lines w/ multiple, differing width layers
- Validate Datum meta tags to be within the airport's bounding box
- Make listing order leading-numbers sensitive, so 10_line.lin is listed below 2_line.lin
- WED-1042: Suppress listing of .ags and .agb in the library pane until proper support for these is added
- Fix splitting of bezier segments for curves that run nearly vertical
- Fix symbolic links for directories not recognized with certain versions of mfc100.dll

- Add pre-select for 'Split Walls' when placing facades
- Split line/area features into 2 separate things (select non-adjacent nodes, Edit->Split)
- Merge two line features into one (select end-nodes Edit-Merge)
- Merge two area features into one (select 2 nodes in each, Edit-Merge)
- Convert taxiline open/closed (select single node, Edit->Split or endpoints, Edit->Merge)
- Add matching of two line/area objects (select both objects, snap 2 nodes, Edit->Match Bezier Handles)
- Create parallel running bezier curved lines (duplicate bezier curve, shift-drag one of its segments)
- Real-time preview of lines, strings and taxilines on the map
- WED-1039: support new line & light types for taxilines if available in LR default libraries
- WED-998: Extend hierarchical locking effectiveness, highlight interior of selected items, confirm moving airports
- Make taxiway & taxiline "lights", "lines" attributes selectable with the hierarchy pane filter function
- WED-1013: Drag & scale operations use projection, prevents distortion when moving across large latitude range
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Re: WED 1.7.1rc2 dichiarata final

Messaggioda paolozamp » 18/08/2018, 11:55

Happy Landings!

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Ma...dopotutto...domani e' un altro giorno!..........
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Re: WED 1.7.1rc2 dichiarata final

Messaggioda paco37 » 20/08/2018, 14:49

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