Xavion 1.85 - Nota di Austin Meyer

Il "bar virtuale" di X-Plane. Si chiacchiera di tutto un po', anche di argomenti non strettamente attinenti al mondo di X-Plane.

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Xavion 1.85 - Nota di Austin Meyer

Messaggioda paolozamp » 03/08/2017, 10:13

Hi everyone!

Xavion 1.85 is here now!

Here is the new stuff for 1.85:
Emergency Circling approaches now get you into any airport in a pinch, with lateral AND VERTICAL guidance for power-off approaches: In the NAV page, enter any airport ID. "Emer Circling" buttons will appear for each runway on the field. Hit one, and an approach will be generated to that runway (if no terrain or obstacles interfere with it) at power-off approach slope.

New close-in "short-game" approaches. Historically Xavion has always been oriented towards the possibility of power-loss when far from airports, where computer guidance is most needed, but now we handle the close-in cases better as well, which may be useful in dark or low-visibility situations where a runway may be close, but you still depend on synthetic-vision to see your options.

Tighter hoop spacing for a little more detail on those close-in approaches, more-frequent airport checking to adapt to rapidly-changing situations in those close-in approaches where things happen faster, and slightly-tighter UI to leave more room for the PFD, map, and landscape modes.

And remember, even if you do NOT actually subscribe to Xavion, you can still use it freely with X-Plane 11 for desktop (at www.X-Plane.com now) to practice and test it out! (In X-Plane 11, go to the SETTINGS on the right and then the NETWORK tab to select output to iPhone and iPad Apps such as Xavion).

And also please be sure to write a good review if you like the App!
Reviews alone drive sales, which are needed for me to be able to continue the work!

...and go to Ratings and Reviews.

Thanks, and email me with any questions or feature requests!
(austin@Xavion.com or austin@X-Plane.com, depending on which product you would like help with)

Happy Landings!

Asus Sabertooth Z97Mark2 - RAM 32Gb 1.6GHz - GeForce GTX1060 6Gb - IntelCorei7-4790 3.6GHz
2X_SSD - Monitor Dell 27"+Samsung 23" - SaitekX52
Windows10Pro64Bit - X-Plane11.xx64Bit

Due cose da ricordare:
- I manuali sono fatti per essere letti! RTFM!
- Sugli scenari dobbiamo volarci sopra e non passeggiarci dentro!
Ma...dopotutto...domani e' un altro giorno!..........
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